Just Asking, February 11, 2011 Edition

There are those who wish to say that if God punishes the wicked eternally and consciously, that such punishment is unjust, thus God cannot do so since He is a just God.  Now, we here would not affirm that such punishment would be unjust, but we will play along for argument’s sake.

If one wishes to affirm that conscious, eternal punishment is unjust (usually because sin cannot be THAT bad….(!)), then would not the corollary be true: for God to reward the righteous with conscious, eternal fellowship with the living God would be unjust as well since saving faith in Christ cannot be THAT good, can it?

Just asking…………..


3 responses

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  2. G-D does NOTHING that is unjust.!!…


  3. Good question.

    It is a fact about our sinful human nature that we think we should deserve grace.


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