When my helpmate accompanies me to the Bible study at Straits Correctional, I introduce her (in addition to her name) as "the voice of reason."  She suggested this post after seeing the John MacArthur video posted yesterday.

Earlier we had compared Joel Osteen’s "Gospel presentation" with the Paul Washer "Shocking Youth Conference Message." (complete with Washer’s classic "I’m talking about YOU" rebuke,  excerpted – three minutes worth – here):


Today, we’ll compare John MacArthur and Joel Osteen, both presenting the Gospel in under 90 seconds.   We have our loyal assistant, the Truth Sniffer, ready to root out truth/falsehood, so gird up your loins (or as they would say nowadays, "Man up!").  Like the Bible drill guy at IRBC says, "Ready…….CHARGE!"



Joel Osteen:

John MacArthur: