Forbes just posted an article on the 10 largest megachurches in the United States.  Somehow, Indian River Baptist Church didn’t make the list.  Perhaps there were too many hanging chads out there…..oh, well.  I’m guessing we’ll get over it (although if you read the comments after the article, some are rather indignant a particular church wasn’t included in the list.  Sheesh).  I’m pretty sure that IRBC would have made the list of 10 Largest Baptist Churches Within Half A Mile Of The Indian River if they’d have done their research, though.

I wonder how often these massive churches, though, in the midst of their PR campaigns and all the other activities/programs, do something a church in Florida did.  They exercised church discipline over a decade ago on one of their members.  That member who was removed from membership has returned and the story is here.  The Internet Monk has written a wonderful essay on the pastor involved at both ends of the story.  It’s well worth your while (The pastor involved was literally struck by lightning last year – that is what is referenced in the Internet Monk essay).