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Ch-ch-ch-changes (With Apologies To David Bowie)

February 2014
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(Facebook friends, this is old news to y’all.  This is for others not on FB)

Last year I had posted that I was in the market for employment, due to my long-time employer closing its doors after fourteen years and my having been there since the doors opened.  In the providence of God, I have secured another position but said position requires me to relocate to South Texas, thus resulting in the ch-ch-changes below:

  • I have relocated to South Texas, therefore
  • I am obviously no longer attending Indian River Baptist Church and it then follows that
  • I am no longer teaching Sunday School at IRBC.

The weekly posts of Sunday School and the AM sermon at IRBC will cease, although the sermons at IRBC are still available at the official web site for the church and I would highly recommend them to you.  Jeff Gwilt knows what he is doing and he is a gifted expositor.  He will not give you topical sermons, nor warm and fuzzy fluff, but he will explain what the Bible says – verse by verse – and what difference it makes.  If you are vacationing in Northern Michigan or if you relocate there, it is a swell little church and you would be well served by joining in fellowship there.

My new position will require me to spend some long hours over the next several months and my already sporadic posting regimen may become even more sporadic.  We shall see.

It has not been easy.  As of December 1 this position had not even been posted and within one month I had traveled to South Texas, been interviewed, was offered the position, accepted it – and now I sit over 1600 miles from the home where my Longsuffering Helpmeet and I had lived for over 30 years, leaving behind our five surviving children, the grave site of our deceased son, our eight (soon to be nine, Lord willing) grandchildren, my 82-year old widower father and my one brother.  But, move we must and move we did, driving through the recent ice storm aftermath in Missouri (actually, not much driving occurred.  We spent three hours parked on I-55 going nowhere at one point).

We are seeking a new local fellowship with which to worship.  We visited one church last month and that may be where we end up, but we will see what the Lord provides.

Psalm 115:3 says, “Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases.” He did not ask my permission to see that I became unemployed and he did not ask me before the job posting in South Texas appeared.  We do not know what he has in store for us.  This move has been a step of faith for us and it has been – and we are sure – will continue to be quite humbling. My new position will be quite challenging and my employer has taken a step of faith as well.

For those unfamiliar with the song in the title, forty-some years ago David Bowie came out with a song entitled “Changes.”  In it, he stutters the word “changes,” – as you can see/hear for yourself in the video below.

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  1. kristy mapp says:

    Woohoo for south Texas! That’s kind of ironic since I’m pretty sure when you posted your other post about looking for a job I mentioned that there were jobs in my neck of the woods…
    You may not want to mention it on the comments, but if you are near to me I would love for you to visit my church.🙂


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